On the 10th July 2005 ESPZEN Pte. Ltd. organizes a Charity Match at the National Stadium between the Barbarians Football Club and Barclays Capital Football Club with all proceeds from the event being donated to ESPZEN’s supported charity the National Cancer Centre’s Cancer Research and Education Fund. Generous donations were received from the players themselves and from Barclays Bank and Barclays Capital. 



About the Cancer Research & Education Fund 

The Cancer Research and Education Fund (CREF) was set up to support the funding of research and education, as well as to spearhead cancer control programmes at NCC. 

As a national and regional centre of excellence, the NCC provides a comprehensive range of high quality, holistic and cost effective clinical services to its patients. These are directed at the prevention, treatment and control of cancer. 

The concept of cancer care is patient-focused, with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals working together to improve the quality of life for patients and their families. This means that apart from clinical care, we also offer a wide range of psychological and social support services for our cancer patients and caregivers. 


Research is of paramount importance to help uncover the causes of cancer, as well as to develop new methods and techniques of treatment. By supporting cancer research, CREF plays a critical role in making research breakthroughs possible. 


CREF also aims to educate and raise public awareness of cancer through cancer control, education and prevention programmes. Through education, we empower individuals by helping them reduce their risks of contracting the disease through early detection and cancer preventive habits. 

Support CREF to fight against cancer 

NCC's achievements in cancer care are the result of its relentless pursuit of cancer treatment, research and education. This is made possible with contributions from well wishers to the CREF. 

Since its inception in 1998, CREF has raised funds that enabled it to support several cancer research and education projects, such as the nation-wide Kids Against Cancer Awareness Campaign and laboratories research on stomach and liver cancers. 

With the rising incidence of cancer and the increased funding needed for cancer care and research, CREF needs more support to continue this good cause. It needs your support.

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