Lee Taylor 

Co-Founder, Director and Coach, ESPZEN Pte Ltd 
Director, BNP Paribas Wealth Management 
Co-Founder & Director, BBAXN 

English born Lee has been living in Singapore since 1998 and has been working for the French bank, BNP Paribas as a Director.    

His management of the BNP Paribas Sports Club (2001-2004) has been revolutionary, receiving numerous Organization awards from the Singapore Sports Council in 2002, 2003 and 2004, as well as the prestigious Outstanding Individual Sporting Inspiration Award in 2003. Subsequently, he has worked alongside the Singapore Sports Council promoting sports within the business community.  

He has appeared as a guest speaker at the International Health Conference on Work Place Health and featured on Channel News Asia to help promote the sporting inspiration awards.

His passion for sporting innovation led him to co-launch ESPZEN and BBAXN, leagues which are simultaneously revolutionizing amateur football and basketball in Singapore implementing his work ethic and discipline into the game. 

In football, Lee represented South East England School Boys and has had vast experience and involvement in sport throughout his life. He is frequently found at league matches watching the progression of teams and continually sources fresh ideas from contacts around the world to develop new opportunities to grow the leagues and the sporting model at large. 

Mathew R. Boylan 

Co-Founder & Director, ESPZEN Pte Ltd 
Founder and President & CEO, MATADOR® Group of Companies 
Co-Founder & Director, BBAXN 

Mat is an Australian entrepreneur, who has established several highly successful enterprises spanning various industry-sectors and geographical markets. Founder of the well-known MATADOR® brand, Mat has been living and working in the key business centres of Asia since 1995. 

Mat is the Founder and President & CEO of MATADOR®, one of Asia-Pacific’s leading IT Solutions companies providing Technology, Recruitment, and Multimedia Design Solutions and Services. In addition, Mat has established and incubated several successful ventures in the MATADOR® Group of Companies covering the sports event / league management; soccer schools; sports nutrition; sports prediction games; fitness centres; fashion; and food & beverage industry-sectors. 

Mat is also the Co-Founder and Director of ESPZEN’s sister company, BBAXN, which is revolutionizing amateur basketball in Singapore. Both the ESPZEN and BBAXN business operations are managed from MATADOR’s® offices and the web-sites are designed and powered by MATADOR’s®; award-winning Multi-Media Design Team. 

In addition, Mat is a keen footballer, basketballer, triathlete, and golfer and is the Chairman of the MATADOR® Football, Basketball, Cycling, and Extreme Clubs.

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