FCB 0 - 0 In-Sports Development

U12 ESPZEN Jleague Season 7 Championship (Seven A-Side)
2017-Sep-03 14:35 PM
Centaurs Turf City - Yellow Pitch

FCB 's Match Report

In-Sports Development 's Match Report

Kitted out in their new bright yellow kits that gleamed strikingly in the bright afternoon sun, the InSports Development boys excitedly gathered to kick-off the new season. They welcomed a few new faces to the squad this year and were excited to get the first game of the season going. Lining up against the under-12s of junior academy of Catalan giants FC Barcelona in Singapore, the boys knew they would be in for a challenging afternoon. From kick-off, the FCB boys played their pressing and showed flashes of their trademark passing brilliance as they went on the attack and fired the first salvo at InSports’ goal. 


The InSports coaches did well to anticipate FCB’s tactical plan and matched it with a similar pressing game. This led to intensive action on the pitch as both sides similarly battled for possession and sought to intercept and cut off each other’s passes, make a quick turnaround and attack. The momentum and initiative swung back and forth as both sides played the ball – Both sides had equal chances and shots at goal, but neither could make a breakthrough as a combination of brilliant saves from both ‘keepers, timely interception from both watertight defences and even the woodwork, ensured it would be a frustrating game of great chances but no conversion. Nevertheless, it would be fair to say that the outcome of a goalless draw was a fair result to both teams who played a good game of clean football, with hard pressing and possession, but somehow would rue the many missed opportunities. 


FCB 's Man of The Match

Name George Archer
Position Playmaker Left

FCB 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

FCB 's Scorers

No Goal Scorers

In-Sports Development 's Man of The Match

Name Sameer Juallah S/O Muhammad Ishraaf
Position Centre-back

In-Sports Development 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

In-Sports Development 's Goal Scorers

No Goal Scorers

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