U17 ESPZEN Jleague Season 6 Premiership
2017-May-07 15:00 PM
Bendemeer Sec School

ESPZEN SS Black 's Match Report

 The team was strong and compact and a good understanding from every area of the pitch which help us and gave us the whole 3 points

After back to back draw against LFS 2 the guys came out strong as we going against a strong EAGLE UNITED FC and from kick off we took it all them as we know we can’t give them the room to play and if we can controlling the game we will have the upper hand which we did very well.

Tristan got the 1st from a lovely though pass from Ryan before Milan added the 2nd then Mathias added 2 to his name to make it 4-0 in the 25th min of the game, EAGLE UNITED FC started pushing and got 1 from a good shot to make it 4-1 in the 1st half.

Half time talk was not to sit back and we should keep playing and don’t let them play as if we break down half way we will pay for it.

2nd half and from kick off EAGLE UNITED FC came all out and started playing some good football and calling Conor to some great saves showing why his called on to be GK and the defender and midfielder working well with the forward players working hard going up and down doing their job.

Tristan got is 2nd in the 75th min before Divyan made it 6-1 in the 77th min and Tristan still got time to get is 3rd in the 80th min to make it 7-1 for the guy.   

Ishaan was the captain of the game and his MOM goes to Tristan for is 3 lovely goals and a good performance shown again

EAGLE UNITED FC 's Match Report

Another disappointing result for Eagle United FC. The positivity that the boys showed was somehow lacking as the game began to progress. We failed to maintain our concentration and unable to recover quickly when the opponent made their counter attack. The thought of a strong comeback did not really materialised as we trailed ESPZEN SS Black by 3 goals in the 1st half/

In a game where luck was not really on our side having hitting the bar at least 3 times, we eventually succumbed to a 7-1 defeat and I felt that some of the boys were a little gutted not to leave the game with a more respectable result. Taking nothing away from ESPZEN SS Black, who themselves had shots hitting the bar; they deserved this win for showing great flair in their play and teamwork.

The final game of the season against LFS1 will ultimately define how well Eagle United had fare throughout the season. The boys really need to put up a strong character and self-believe to face yet another stiffer opponent who has yet to lose a game.


Aszri simply on the basis of his all around contribution and his dedication towards the game even when the teams’ performance was rather subdued and below par. Though he was momentarily being substituted due to stitch, he still carried out his role amicably well and tried hard to provide good assists as well as passing accuracy. Keep it up!

ESPZEN SS Black 's Man of The Match

Name Tristan Philip Alfred Galistan
Position Utility Player

ESPZEN SS Black 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

ESPZEN SS Black 's Scorers

Scorer: Tristan Philip Alfred Galistan
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 7
Assisted by: Ryan Tan
Scorer: Milan Chinnick
Position: Playmaker Left
Time of Goal: 14
Assisted by: Callum Bain
Scorer: Mathias Chin
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 24
Assisted by: Divyan Luke Vijayan
Scorer: Mathias Chin
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 25
Assisted by: Callum Bain
Scorer: Tristan Philip Alfred Galistan
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 75
Assisted by: Mathias Chin
Scorer: Divyan Luke Vijayan
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 77
Assisted by: Tristan Philip Alfred Galistan
Scorer: Tristan Philip Alfred Galistan
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 80
Assisted by: Milan Chinnick

EAGLE UNITED FC 's Man of The Match

Position Playmaker Right


No Red Card Awarded

EAGLE UNITED FC 's Goal Scorers

Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 20 mins

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