EAGLE UNITED FC 0 - 3 Lycée Français 1

U17 ESPZEN Jleague Season 6 Premiership
2017-Apr-23 13:00 PM
Bendemeer Sec School

EAGLE UNITED FC 's Match Report

The season is getting a lot tougher and it's definitely a big challenge for Eagle United to play against the in-form team as well as the current leader of the group, LFS 1.

We lost 3-0 but certainly did not lose out on the team effort. In the first half, we lack dominance in the midfield, as most of the times the midfielder failed to connect with their teammates. We did not give any real threat up in the opponent’s box.

The boys were told to up tempo and turn the game around in the 2nd half,, but due to the superiority of the opponent’s physical built and a very well organised defence, the boys were unable to impose themselves and made their presence felt. The LFS1  defence was proving to be extremely difficult to penetrate.

I hope the boys will still believe, so am i,  that they are capable of getting points out of the remaining fixtures to be in the top 3 position. We need more creators at the front and for the rest to step up.

Man-of-the-Match: Darel

Darel was a little shaky at the and at times was hesitant during the first half. He was made to work harder after the break. He gear up and stood to the test. He was one of the reasons that the score line did not go beyond what it is. No doubt there are a couple of opportunities for the opponents to increase their score if not for the goal post but credits to Darel on making  some excellent saves to keep the scoreline low. He improved a lot in the second half and hopes he will still stand strong in the final 2 games.

Lycée Français 1 's Match Report

EAGLE UNITED FC 's Man of The Match

Position Goalkeeper


No Red Card Awarded


No Goal Scorers

Lycée Français 1 's Man of The Match

Name Zachary Marre
Position Wide midfield

Lycée Français 1 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

Lycée Français 1 's Goal Scorers

Scorer: Nino Petitet
Position: Wing-back
Time of Goal: 6 mins
Assisted By: Allonsius Arthur
Scorer: Mathieu Delbecq
Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 50 mins
Assisted By: Andrea Pascual
Scorer: Diego Camacho
Position: Wing-back
Time of Goal: 75 mins
Assisted By: Baptiste Nyer

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