ESPZEN SS Black 0 - 5 YG2k

U12 ESPZEN Jleague Season 5 Premiership
2016-Sep-04 15:20 PM
Centaurs Turf City - Blue Pitch

ESPZEN SS Black 's Match Report

After our first battle with F-17 we knew the game against our friends at YG2K would be equally tough, one of the strongest teams in the U11 (2005) age group last season, with the addition of their 2004 players also - YG2K would be even stronger.

The black team battled very well in this game, making more tackles than many of our previous matches, however the intensity of the game, by both ESPZEN black having a full bench and YG2K older boys meant our times our decision making wasnt at its best, when we won the ball, our next phase of play for some reason was an uncharactestic high ball, or players trying to turn when an opponent was behind the ball (not checking shoulder)... as such we won the ball - we lost the ball... was a common theme.. at times we moved the ball but it wasnt consistent.

However our new approach to game play, having a full bench and players rotating on and off the pitch in 4s or 5s, meant that whilst on the pitch high intesity was a goal, players still need to show intelligence, scan early, make decisions faster, and move into space with speed.

By playing games at this speed and intensity against physically strong players is the perfect medicine for the Black team to kick on, improve and raise their overall game to compete....

Fantastic game of football, i enjoyed every minute and managed to extract many coaching points for our players and team.

Superb game by YG2k, clinical with their finishing (first goal was a pin point pass to the scorer from the left, catching our player maker right off guard) and a game played in great spirits.

MoTM was awarded to our amazing keeper Ethan who in the last 2 weeks seems to have grown taller,stronger and more commanding than ever before - bravo Ethan.... the whole team agreed with Sanat's decision

YG2k 's Match Report

The match vs Team Neymar ended with lightning alert being sounded and all the team retreated into shelter when the rain started to pour down.

The match vs the Black team was delayed 40 min later for safety reason and there was still a drizzle when game commenced.

It was no wonder then that the game took time to get going but it was YG2K who were given a golden opportunity to take the lead when Christos was released on the left side by Mohamed , only to see his shot hit the side netting.

Gradually YG2K began to take control of the game with their rapid passing and speed of thought putting the Black team on the back foot.
It was such quick thinking and precise passing that Izzy displayed that switch defence into attack in one swift movement and allowed Mohamed some space to the right.
Mohamed controlled the ball and his delivery of the cross for Christos was pin-point. Christo did not wait for the ball to hit the ground before volleying it into the net.
A beautiful striker and the team took the lead.

Izzy was outstanding throughout the match and marshalled the defence with confidence.
His partnership with Ranen and Ridwan was rock-solid and Travis was well protected by the defenders.

Second goal came when Jonan got the ball in the middle. He fake a shot to wrong-foot his marker before floating the ball into Ridwan’s path. Rizwan controlled the ball well and volleyed it into the net.

Tim nearly got the third goal when he latched onto Jonan’s through ball but the Black’s keeper made a fantastic reflex save to deny him. Abraham rushed in for the follow up but the keeper , again, was brave and recovered very fast on the ground to make another save. A double save and wonderful piece of goalkeeping by the Black’s keeper.

Tim, however, finally got his name on the score-sheet when Abraham worked his way down the left and released a diagonal pass to the right. Tim outpaced the defender and slotted the ball past the on-rushing keeper to make it 3-0. Great understanding and teamwork between Tim and Abraham.

Fourth goal came when Izzy tussled hard for the ball in the middle to win it and he showed great vision to place the ball in front of Ridwan for him to fired it into the left beyond the reach of the keeper.

The final icing of the cake came in , perhaps the last kick of the game , with Abraham grabbing a goal, taking full advantages of the chaos when Jonan floated a corner kick into the danger area. He reacted fastest to Ridwan’s touch among the sea of defenders before arrowing a fine finish out of the keeper's reach.

A good display of disciplined defending and creative attacking football by the boys in Match day 2.

Final score : 5-0

ESPZEN SS Black 's Man of The Match

Name Ethan Yim
Position Goalkeeper

ESPZEN SS Black 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

ESPZEN SS Black 's Scorers

No Goal Scorers

YG2k 's Man of The Match

Name Izz Danial Sujad
Position Centre-back

YG2k 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

YG2k 's Goal Scorers

Scorer: Christos Chua
Position: Wide midfield
Time of Goal: 4 mins
Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 13 mins
Assisted By: JONAN TAN
Position: Playmaker Center
Time of Goal: 20 mins
Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 23 mins
Assisted By: Izz Danial Sujad
Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 35 mins
Assisted By: No Assist

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