ESPZEN SS Yellow 2 - 2 YG2k

ESPZEN J League U8 Season 1
2014-Oct-26 13:30 PM
Centaurs Turf City - Red Pitch

ESPZEN SS Yellow 's Match Report

A good performance from the ESPZEN boys who worked hard to make sure we had plenty of the possesion, with having no subs the boys knew that they had to make sure they didnt use up all there energy and let the ball do the work with good passing football which they understood. Also up againtst a strong team it was a really entertaining game to watch with good passing play from both teams. Graeme the captian for todays match set a good example showing good 1v1 ability down the left side and finding his team mates with short passes. Adam scored a well worked goal with good passes from his team mates and a calm and cool finish. Hugo made some great saves once again when in goal when he came out made some good tackles that he kept the ball after and started off our attacks. Archie with positive play kept his head up to find his team mates with good passes into feet and into space. Alex found good positons in front of goal and scored a well taken goal.

The boys put in 100% effort with tough conditions to play in, showed good positive play with there passes and dribbling 1v1 and into space. 

YG2k 's Match Report

It was match day #4 for YG2k and a very hot afternoon, tthe intense heat was felt oozing out form the ground.

YG2k started with Lester being the goal keeper with Edison and Ryan Shuen in front of him.

Abraham was leading the frontline and Jonan was given the free role.

The heat seemed to have affected the tempo of the game early on because, both teams were trying to find the rhythm of the game with some occasional shots, but none that can trouble the goalkeepers from both side. 

The breakthrough came when ESPZEN crafted out a good chance from the right and their winger managed to slot the ball past the goalkeeper and YG2k was behind 0-1.

Jonan and Abraham tried to link up up front but the ESPZEN defenders were well-organsied and held the attack well.

YG2k , however , managed to draw level with a good show of determination by Abraham.

A strong long throw by Lester past through ESPZEN frontline and presented Abraham with just the last man to beat.

Using his speed and holding the defender well, he managed to go past the last man and hit a shot past the goalkeeper. 1-1!

Jonan was not his usual self and was complaining of stomach pain and could not continue anymore for the match.

With Jonan out, Matin came in and YG2k played on.


ESPZEN seemed to have better grip of the game from then on but Edison and Ryan showed good defensive discipline and held the defense well, while Lester made a few good save to the cheers of the crowd.

Despite ESPZEN having the lion share of the attach, YG2k got a very good chance to take the lead.

YG2k won a free kick near the penalty box. With a touch from Abraham, Edison slammed the ball hard and it hit the post and went out.

Martin was very lively and helped out the defenders to breakdown ESPZEN attack.


However, ESPZEN managed to break through in a counter attack and the score was 2-1.

Just when the time was running out, Abraham snatched a point for the team with a brilliant piece of individual skill.

From the left wing, he pushed the ball up front. WIth the defender stepping back, he unleashed an unstoppable shot to the top corner.

What a wonderful goal and the exciting game ended in a draw!

ESPZEN SS Yellow 's Man of The Match

Name Graeme Nathan Mitchell
Position Goalkeeper

ESPZEN SS Yellow 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

ESPZEN SS Yellow 's Scorers

Scorer: Muhammad Adam Faisal
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 6
Assisted by: No Assist
Scorer: Alexander Dawei Hu
Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 21
Assisted by: No Assist

YG2k 's Man of The Match

Name Abraham Ponodath
Position Wide midfield

YG2k 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

YG2k 's Goal Scorers

Scorer: Abraham Ponodath
Position: Wide midfield
Time of Goal: 10 mins
Assisted By: No Assist
Scorer: Abraham Ponodath
Position: Wide midfield
Time of Goal: 19 mins
Assisted By: No Assist

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