The Cage Academy 1 - 1 ANZA

U8 ( 5aside ) ESPZEN Jleague Season 9 Division 1
2018-Dec-02 13:15 PM
Centaurs Turf City - Yellow Pitch

The Cage Academy 's Match Report

ANZA 's Match Report

ANZA - Cage Academy: The third match of ANZA was against the Cage Academy. A though and worthy opponent that didn't make it easy for our boys. The first goal was for the Cage Academy, which was the result of some quick passing and speed. ANZA kept on fighting and got a free kick just outside the goal area. Victor took took it and kicked it hard in the goal via the goalie's lower leg. The referee not having seen that the ball touched the goalie's leg, annulled the goal. Then a second opportunity came for ANZA after both teams having battled hard. This time it was Ollie who took the free kick. Coach Keith instructed Ollie to kick it hard in the direction of the goal under the assumption that with so many players standing in front of the goal the chance of the ball touching someone is big. Ollie executed the instruction's perfectly and tied the game 1 - 1 with this action. An existing match and some good sportsmanship demonstrated by both teams. Thanks the Cage Academy for a great match.

The Cage Academy 's Man of The Match

Name aiden neary
Position Defensive midfield

The Cage Academy 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

The Cage Academy 's Scorers

Scorer: Ranbir Chawla
Position: Playmaker Center
Time of Goal: 30
Assisted by: No Assist

ANZA 's Man of The Match

Name Hayden Miller
Position Sweeper

ANZA 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

ANZA 's Goal Scorers

Scorer: Ollie O'Brien
Position: Playmaker Center
Time of Goal: 30 mins
Assisted By: No Assist

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