YG2k 1 - 3 ANZA

U8 ( 5aside ) ESPZEN Jleague Season 9 Division 1
2018-Nov-11 13:15 PM
Centaurs Turf City - White Pitch

YG2k 's Match Report

ANZA 's Match Report

11 November 2018, ANZA - YG2K (second game)

The second game against YG2K started at 13:21 with Victor (GK), Hayden (MD), Inne (MD), Ethan (MF), Tommy (MF). Again we saw some quick action from Tommy who put ANZA ahead 0 - 1 within the first minute of the match. In the following ten (10) both teams battled hard for ball possession and to score. ANZA was struggling with keeping the ball, finish passes and penetrate the opponents defence. In the meantime the weather changed from Sunny and hot to cloudy and threatening. In the 13th minute YG2k equaled the score and managed with this action to increase the pressure on ANZA. ANZA's response came within 3 minutes with a great assist from Ethan to Micah who scored the 1 - 2 for ANZA. After this ANZA within 1 minute ANZA came quite close a couple of times, but it was Victor who again kicked the ball in from a great distance. It was at 13:38 after a load thunder that the referee decided to suspend the match with a 1 - 3 win for ANZA.

YG2k 's Man of The Match

Position Playmaker Left

YG2k 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

YG2k 's Scorers

Position: Playmaker Left
Time of Goal: 15
Assisted by: No Assist

ANZA 's Man of The Match

Name Victor Van Rijn
Position Goalkeeper

ANZA 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

ANZA 's Goal Scorers

Scorer: Thomas Shortall
Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 1 mins
Assisted By: No Assist
Scorer: Micah Rijke
Position: Centre forward
Time of Goal: 16 mins
Assisted By: Ethan Rebetzke
Scorer: Victor Van Rijn
Position: Goalkeeper
Time of Goal: 20 mins
Assisted By: No Assist

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