GFA Japan 3 - 2 Barker Boys

U11 ( 7aside ) ESPZEN Jleague Season 9 Championship
2018-Sep-23 18:15 PM
Centaurs Turf City - White Pitch

GFA Japan 's Match Report

Barker Boys 's Match Report

The second return match of the day against the same opponents. The coach opted to keep basically the same line-up which started the first game. The only change being to include Felix at the start instead of Aiman, who had played the full game previously and needed a rest.

Uncharacteristically, the Boys took too much time to settle down and the first few minutes their opponents were doing most of the attacks and asking questions of the Boys defence.

The relentless pressure eventually took its toll, and in the 8th minute, a move on the left wing was intercepted by the opponents. Play was quickly switched to the right wing, and with the Boys defenders backing off, it gave the chance for GFA Japan to have a shot which beat Valentin. 1-0 down.

In almost the next attack, GFA Japan broke forward yet again on their right wing. A quick exchange of passes in the middle was followed by a shot which Valentin was unable to save. And suddenly within a space of a minute, the Boys were 2 goals down.

Composure and calmness was urgently required! Or maybe the shock of suddenly going 2 goals down was what the doctor ordered. The Boys now began to wake up and started to play better football, challenging and fighting for every second ball.

In the 10th minute, the Boys managed to find their feet. Marc began the move in the middle of the field, and quickly moved down the right wing. As he pulled the defenders towards him, he slipped a pass towards Felix who was free. Felix made no mistake with his pass and pulled a goal back for the Boys, 1-2.

This was followed almost immediately by a second goal from the Boys. A goal kick was directed straight at Damien, who took one step to control the ball before blasting it past the keeper for the equalizer.

The Boys now began to find their rhythm, with Felix trying to combine with Damien down the left wing several times. However, the opponents defenders were strong and held the Boys at bay.

As the game approached the midway point, Aiman, Ryan and Isaac were all introduced for Marc Mikhail and Damien. Shachin was also brought in to replace a fast tiring Valens at the back.

The game continued to swing between 2 equally balanced teams. Felix and Isaac all showing determination to initiate moves down either wing. Isaac showed his typical feistiness and hunger and helped out at the back. He also moved forward from the midfield several times and created several chances which led to goalmouth melees in front of the GFA Japan goal, but the ball just refused to go in.

Then, in the 27th minute, GFA Japan forced a corner, and from the ensuing corner kick, they scored to take the lead 3-2 again. The Boys paid the price for lax marking from the corner.

With time running out, the coach made a tactical change bringing Wei Jian off for Damien. However, the opponents continued to hold their own and eventually ran out 3-2 winners.

Man of the Match award goes to Isaac. Even though he was only on for half the game, he showed good composure on the ball, created several chances for the forwards and also helped out the defence when needed.

Overall, both matches were good to watch. Many lessons to be learned here by the Boys in terms of focus, concentration, and willingness to run.

GFA Japan 's Man of The Match

Name Mitarai Koki
Position Defensive midfield

GFA Japan 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

GFA Japan 's Scorers

Scorer: Mitarai Koki
Position: Defensive midfield
Time of Goal: 5
Assisted by: No Assist
Scorer: Bahini Courtney
Position: Second striker
Time of Goal: 10
Assisted by: No Assist
Scorer: Bahini Courtney
Position: Second striker
Time of Goal: 15
Assisted by: No Assist

Barker Boys 's Man of The Match

Position Utility Player

Barker Boys 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

Barker Boys 's Goal Scorers

Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 10 mins
Assisted By: No Assist
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 10 mins

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