ESPZEN SS Blue 1 - 0 LFA

U10 ESPZEN Jleague Season 3 Division 1
2015-Nov-29 14:40 PM
Centaurs Turf City - Yellow Pitch

ESPZEN SS Blue 's Match Report

 It was another hot Sunday and all players are ready to go,Team talk before kickoff was to keep to shape and try to move the ball around quickly to get into the opponent half as fast as we can and when we lose the ball we should all drop back quick as a team. Both team started well and asking lot from each other but ESS Blue taking the game to LFA from every part with Charlie and Koki and Billy asking lot from LFA defend with lots of good passes and lots of good ball movement from the mid trying to get it to Jun upfront but the LFA defenders where working hard and cutting the passes and at this same time the LFA taking it to ESS and the strong Ben and Adam standing strong in the defend cutting every pass and breaking down LFA through passes they trying to make. The game was on a higher fast play with both teams trying to break down their back  line and in the 19min a good run from Koki from the line see him find Charlie and a quick pass from Charlie to Jun and a good turn and shot from Jun gave the team the 1 and only goal in the game, Shaf was in goal and a Great save from him in the 29min and 33min keep his team on to take the whole 3point was a good performances from both team and from ESS guys was a good fight after the lost of the last game all where fully ready for this game..Billy was the captain of the day and he pick Shaf as the MOM for the outstanding save for keeping his on and taking the whole 3point home..

LFA 's Match Report

ESPZEN SS Blue 's Man of The Match

Name Shafiullah Azman
Position Utility Player

ESPZEN SS Blue 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

ESPZEN SS Blue 's Scorers

Scorer: Jun Hyeok Oh Oh
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 19
Assisted by: Charlie McGee

LFA 's Man of The Match

Man of The Match Not Specified

LFA 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

LFA 's Goal Scorers

No Goal Scorers

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