ESPZEN SS Black 2 - 2 YG2k

U13(7aside) ESPZEN Jleague Season 8 Premiership
2018-Apr-08 18:15 PM
Centaurs Turf City - Blue Pitch

ESPZEN SS Black 's Match Report

After a solid performance against Sporting we were looking to secure 3 points against YG2K... alas after less than 10 mins were 2 down from 2 well taken goals...

We then played our way back into the match and created opportunities.... but the YG2K keeper was on top form and pulled out a great save from Big Ryan.

First goal came shortly after from big ryan with a nice power driver from way down town.... keeper had no chance... and then Ayush took advantage of a great cross from Sanat... and the game suddenly went into slow motion as Ayush back heeled the ball into the back of the net.... cheeky

Kayden awarded Motm to Ouzkaan on worked hard in both game and showed quick feet

YG2k 's Match Report

ESPZEN SS Black 's Man of The Match

Name Ouzkaan Poyraz
Position Playmaker Right

ESPZEN SS Black 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

ESPZEN SS Black 's Scorers

Scorer: Ryan ladera Taylor
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 16
Assisted by: Sanat Parmar
Scorer: Ayush Guptan
Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 24
Assisted by: Sanat Parmar

YG2k 's Man of The Match

Position Playmaker Center

YG2k 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

YG2k 's Goal Scorers

Position: Playmaker Left
Time of Goal: 1 mins
Assisted By: No Assist
Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 7 mins

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