Lycée Français 1 0 - 1 ESPZEN SS Black

U10 ESPZEN Jleague Season 3 Premiership
2015-Nov-29 13:50 PM
Centaurs Turf City - Red Pitch

Lycée Français 1 's Match Report

ESPZEN SS Black 's Match Report

We needed 3 points to secure the title but boy did the French Lycee give us a shock.... they were fast, alert, and quick to deny us any space whatsoever.... which resulted in one of our worst performances of the season from a technical point of view... however the team had the hunger to win this game and fortunately the desire to win the game and the gold, got us across the line.... Well done to the Lycee who must surely be the most improved team this season..... MOTM was awarded by Ayush to young Kris, who was a rock at the back and was clever with his distribution.

As for ESPZEN - congratulations to the team, the foundation built in Season 2 with players playing "up" in black and yellow really helped this season, the team gelled after the first couple of games, and we played some tremendous football at times...

First Game double header with White Sands Started Slowly and we won first game 1-0 but were lucky, (Making Only 59 successful passes and pass completion rate of 65%) but next game we were hammered 5-2, we struggled to keep possession

Following this, the tea dug deep and managed to win all the remaining games except with one slip against Barker boys (who we beat in the first game 2-0) going down by one goal in the return leg

Our average pass completion rate in the remaining games was 84 with a successful pass rate of 70%

Highest pass ratio was against Sparks 80% but also Barker boys first game of 77% where we played exceptionally well.

Other key stats

120 Shots on Target, 45 shot off target (about 70%)

51 goals (30% of all shots are goals

Played 14 Won 12 scored 55 conceded 7 pts 36

At the start of the season we have really focused on maintaining shape, and players reminded of the roles of each position….

Young Kris had the biggest mountain to climb adapting to 7 a side football and playing alongside another defender…. And he has really grown every game.

With the players now understanding the roles better and maintaining simple possession (players in their positions moving the ball around)  further tactical challenges were presented in the form of

  1. Horse show movement (which foot are they passing to)

  2. Midfielders underlap ./ overlap (ryan, shang)

  3. Defenders pushing forward further up field and other players covering (sanat)

  4. Strikers runs behind the defenders (john, big ryan and ayush)

  5. Breaking line passes (Shang, Locke)

  6. 3 man presses

  7. Deep defending

As a result we have started to see a lot more fluidity and off the ball running in the team by all players which has helped create space and aided game craft creativity.

A final mention to Kai also, who has been our keeper, not present today but certainly has been a rock in the goal.. always smiling and has really improved as a goalkeeper especially with his shot stopping and distribution.

Lycée Français 1 's Man of The Match

Name Philippe Postec
Position Centre forward

Lycée Français 1 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

Lycée Français 1 's Scorers

No Goal Scorers

ESPZEN SS Black 's Man of The Match

Name Ryan Kristofer Villanueva
Position Centre-back

ESPZEN SS Black 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

ESPZEN SS Black 's Goal Scorers

Scorer: Shang Teo
Position: Utility Player
Time of Goal: 4 mins
Assisted By: Ayush Guptan

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