Sporting Lisbon 1 - 2 White Sands U11

U12 ESPZEN Jleague Season 7 Premiership (Seven A-Side)
2017-Nov-12 11:45 AM
Centaurs Turf City - White Pitch

Sporting Lisbon 's Match Report

White Sands U11 's Match Report

The pattern of play was evident from the first whistle with White Sands attempting to have more of the ball with a slower and more deliberate build-up while Sporting was intent on using their speed, aggression and strength to their advantage.

This resulted in several chances for Sporting early in the game with the Sporting players very quick to send the ball forward and they took many shots at the White Sands goal. Sporting's efforts in their high press paid off when an attempted pass from White Sands keeper, Hariz, saw the ball intercepted by a Sporting player who laid it off to a team-mate who then slammed it into the bottom corner. Only minutes into the game and White Sands were already trailing the game 1-0.

White Sands made a key reshuffle, pulling Yazid into the back 2, partnering the magnificent Elfie. With this shape, White Sands were calmer in possession and managed to string more passes in a row while shifting the play from one side to the other. Yazid was instrumental in his role to create from deep and it freed up the forwards. But Sporting certainly did not make things any easier. Sporting remained compact and resolute and were very competitive in every duel.

The boys in white remained undeterred even though they had several chances fizz inches wide and had the ball agonisingly hit the post twice. Sporting replied with swift counterattacks and racked up more shots at goal than White Sands did.

Finally, the breakthrough came late in the game when all 7 players combined with at least a touch each in a flowing move to create a glorious chance for Joaquin who finished at the far post.

White Sands kept going at it and completed the comeback with Joaquin once again after being fed through by Yazid.

Credit to both sides.The boys were very competitive, sharp and the teams were so evenly matched that they almst cancelled each other out. But kudos to the White Sands boys who really showed that a primary school team can certainly compete against elite academies, and sometimes even outshine them. That was certainly the match of the season.

Sporting Lisbon 's Man of The Match

Name patrick brice
Position Playmaker Center

Sporting Lisbon 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

Sporting Lisbon 's Scorers

Scorer: patrick brice
Position: Playmaker Center
Time of Goal: 3
Assisted by: Alexander de Oliveira

White Sands U11 's Man of The Match

Position Attacking midfield

White Sands U11 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

White Sands U11 's Goal Scorers

Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 22 mins
Assisted By: CADEN LIM
Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 30 mins
Assisted By: YAZID RAIS

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