White Sands U9 1 - 1 F17 White

U10 ESPZEN Jleague Season 7 Divison 1
2017-Nov-26 12:50 PM
Centaurs Turf City - Yellow Pitch

White Sands U9 's Match Report

F17 White 's Match Report

White Sands U9 's Man of The Match

Man of The Match Not Specified

White Sands U9 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

White Sands U9 's Scorers

Scorer: Unknown Player
Time of Goal: 2
Assisted by: No Assist

F17 White 's Man of The Match

Name Wen Xiang Koh
Position Full-back

F17 White 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

F17 White 's Goal Scorers

Scorer: Kushaan Sharma
Position: Striker
Time of Goal: 18 mins
Assisted By: No Assist

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