F-17 Young Lions 1 - 3 ESPZEN SS Yellow

U13 ESPZEN Jleague Season 4 Championship
2016-Apr-17 12:00 PM
Centaurs Turf City - Yellow Pitch

F-17 Young Lions 's Match Report

It was the second game played by the boys, the weather was hot but we played on & focus on our game without any distraction. The players was playing all out & tried to push on forward to attack.Until one of our players elfiyan scored a great goal from a long distance & it gave us hope.

Overall, it was fair game being played by both teams & we did great too.   


ESPZEN SS Yellow 's Match Report

2nd leg against F-17 Young Lions which we know we are up to a good fight again as the 1st leg ended 2-0 to F-17 Young Lions..Starting line up with Sanat in goal and Alson and Dylan starting from the defence while Vivinne Cedric and Alexis in the mid and Nihilan up front while Michael and Ishan sub.

ESS Yellow started from the start and taking it all to F-17 Young Lions but the 1st break came after 15min where Cedric and Michael played a good 1-2 play to see Cedric scored the 1st and 3min later Michael made it 2 from a good pass from Cedric and in the 23rd min Nihilan make it 3 from some good dribbling skills from Cedric to find Nihilan to Scored  the 3rd, F-17 Young Lions put 1 in to make it 1-3  but ESS Yellow never stop  playing the  good football by  moving the ball around quick  and with Sanat standing tall to everything F-17 Young Lions bringing to him..

MOM goes to Sanat for his strong hand stopping all F-17 Young Lions bringing to him.

F-17 Young Lions 's Man of The Match

Name Elfiyan Abdullah Bakar
Position Defensive midfield

F-17 Young Lions 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

F-17 Young Lions 's Scorers

Scorer: Elfiyan Abdullah Bakar
Position: Defensive midfield
Time of Goal: 20
Assisted by: No Assist

ESPZEN SS Yellow 's Man of The Match

Man of The Match Not Specified

ESPZEN SS Yellow 's Red Card

No Red Card Awarded

ESPZEN SS Yellow 's Goal Scorers

Scorer: Cedric Erbach
Time of Goal: 15 mins
Assisted By: Michael Thien
Scorer: Michael Thien
Position: Goalkeeper
Time of Goal: 18 mins
Assisted By: Cedric Erbach
Scorer: Nihilan Pillai
Position: Goalkeeper
Time of Goal: 23 mins
Assisted By: Cedric Erbach

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